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Are you sick of emetophobia controlling your life?

With the help of EmetoGo’s online therapy, you can overcome your fears and start the journey towards a life without limits.

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Our therapists

EmetoGo, in partnership with our sister site ManageMinds, has an impressive team of verified phobia experts skilled in providing a range of therapeutic approaches to treat emetophobia.

You can count on their knowledge, experience and empathy to help you overcome your fear-based struggles and gain the confidence and tools to manage your symptoms and even beat emetophobia for good.

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  • Single Therapy Session

    Starting at £75

    A one-hour therapy session where you can discuss how emetophobia is impacting your life and gain professional advice. Sessions are totally confidential and can take place via phone or video call.

    • One-hour online therapy session
    • Designed to work around your schedule
    • Expert advice from the comfort of home
  • 5-Hour Therapy Bundle

    Starting at £350

    Want more time to discuss your issues? Not a problem! The 5-hour bundle offers 5 sessions of online therapy at a discounted price. Schedule them at a time and frequency that suits you.

    • 5 one-hour online therapy sessions
    • Designed to work around your schedule
    • Expert advice from the comfort of home
  • The Phobia Programme

    Starting at £550

    Our 1-2-1 programme is a 6-week therapy service tailored to address the causes, symptoms and triggers of emetophobia. Learn valuable CBT techniques and coping skills to work towards a life without fear.

    • 6 one-hour online therapy sessions
    • A range of worksheets and resources
    • Regular assessments to track progress

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About us

A significant portion of the UK population has a fear of vomiting, but with so many people uncomfortable talking about it, they end up suffering in silence. This is really unfair, as it often results in them living a life that is limited by fear and shame. EmetoGo wants this to change.

Delivered in conjunction with our sister site ManageMinds, we offer a range of online therapy services designed to effectively treat emetophobia. With the support of our team of phobia experts, you can retake control of your life and enjoy a new sense of freedom.

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